Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Short Review Authors News

Double congratulations to Susan DiPlacido, whose collection, American Cool, was the runner-up in the Romance category of the 2008 Beach Book Festival, and semi-finalist in the Erotica category of the Independent Publisher Book Awards. Short Review of American Cool.

Short Review authors Cristina Henriquez and Etgar Keret are the subjects of Thomas Beller's New York Times article, Foreign Exchange.
Both Keret and Henríquez weave their characters' difficulties into those of the larger society around them, but the results of this process are quite different.

And the winner of the Mary McCarthy Prize in Short Fiction has just been announced: Jerry Gabriel’s collection, Drowned Boy, chosen by judge Andrea Barrett. Drowned Boy will be released by Sarabande Books next year. A future Short Review author, we hope. Congratulations!

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