Friday, June 25, 2010

UK National Short Story Week

It's about time! Well done to Lisa Armytage, Sophie King, Robert Kirkwood, Sue Moorcroft, Pat Richardson, and Bogdan Tiganov for not waiting til the UK government declared it but just going ahead and doing it anyway! The US may have National Short Story Month, but now at least the UK has National Short Story Week: Nov 22nd-28 2010.

What's the plan? The organisers say:

The aims of National Short Story Week are:
1) to get more people reading and listening to short stories;
2) to get more people writing short stories;
3) to develop creative and commercial opportunities for individuals and organisations involved in the short story genre.
National Short Story Week is intended to be a grass roots, "bottom up" event. The role of the publicity campaign managed by Short Story Week C.I.C. is to enable individuals and organisations to organise their own events on a national, regional or local level. 
Good for them! As I always say, it's International Short Story Day every day here at the Short Review, but I know that some people need a little bit of a nudge/shove in that direction. We'll do everything we can to support NSSW of course. Roll on, November!